Chalkboard Wedding SignAn Outdoor Wedding Story at a Florida Airbnb

As an example of one of many outdoor wedding venues in Florida, let us share the story of Stacy and Chris. Surrounded by the warmth of love, Stacy and Chris said “I do” in the most intimate setting—an enchanting backyard of an Airbnb in Merritt Island, Florida.

With its lush greenery, twinkling string lights, and the comfort of home, it was more than just a Airbnb wedding venue in Florida. It was the stage for a celebration that echoed their personalities and love.

This is the story of a couple who was able to create their perfect ceremony. Their wedding ceremony included the perfect blend of love, laughter, Chris’ son and their dog. Due to our flexibility, they were able to take one of our  Florida wedding packages and make it uniquely their own.

A Four-Legged Ring Bearer: Their Dog’s Special Role

Bridge with her dogAs Stacy prepared to walk down the aisle, a four-legged friend joined the procession. Their beloved dog played a unique and heartwarming role as the ring bearer. With a scarf that read “I Loved Her First”, Skully led the way. He embodied loyalty and companionship, making the ceremony all the more special.

Stacy’s Journey Down the Aisle

Guided by Skully, Stacy made her way down the aisle, a vision of grace and happiness. The simplicity of the backyard transformed into a haven of love as friends and family looked on. They witnessed not just a marriage but a sweet celebration of love.

Chris’s Son: Best Man and Sand Ceremony Maestro

A crucial and heartwarming part of this union was Chris’s son, who stood as the best man. Beyond that, he played an instrumental role in the destination wedding ceremony, through a sand unity ceremony. Each grain of sand represented a unique story, combining to create a beautiful mosaic of love. It symbolized the blending of their families.  It was a poignant moment, highlighting the importance of family in Stacy and Chris’s journey.

One of the Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Florida

As the couple exchanged vows under the open sky, there was an undeniable magic in the air. The backyard of their Airbnb was one of the most perfect outdoor wedding venues in Florida. Adorned with love and laughter, it became a sacred space where promises were made. And where two lives merged into one beautiful journey.

Backyard Dance Floor

The backyard transformed into a dance floor. With the melody of their wedding song playing, Stacy and Chris danced, surrounded by the love and laughter of those who cherished them most.

Homemade Delights and Laughter-Filled Toasts

Bride and groom under archway in backyard weddingThe celebration that followed was a testament to the couple’s commitment to making this day uniquely theirs. There was a homemade feast made by friends and a beautiful cake that was shared amidst laughter.

While our photographer wrapped up, we quietly packed up and left these two to celebrate with their family and friends.

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

Every moment including Skully’s adorable entrance was captured by a photographer who understood the significance of preserving this unique love story. The backyard of the Airbnb became a gallery of memories. Each snapshot telling a tale of love, commitment, and the joy of celebration.

Conclusion: Love in Every Detail

Stacy and Chris, with his son and their dog Skully, created a wedding that wasn’t just about saying “I do” but about celebrating the love that had brought them to this moment.

In the simplicity of a backyard Airbnb, they found the perfect setting for their love story—a story told in laughter, promises, and the paw prints and small footsteps of their loyal companions.

It wasn’t just a wedding; it was a celebration of love, uniquely theirs, etched in the hearts of all who shared in their joy.

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